Is it a political debate? …or is it legitimized lateral violence?

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Greetings visitors,
This morning, I was deciding on a few topic themes that would merit being covered in this month’s blog when I happened to surf my remote to the CBC news channel. Only two words kept being regurgitated over and over by an endless stream of early morning political reporters exuding their usual animated and artificially manufactured excitement.
Which two words you may ask? You guessed it— -“Mike Duffy!”

On the day where the long awaited Mike Duffy trial is beginning in Ottawa, I began this morning pondering on the pretentious human daily spectacle that transpires within the respected walls of our Canadian Parliament. What has become increasingly troubling is how poorly our publicly elected politicians behave according to expected guidelines for civic leadership, ethical conduct and specifically within the ascribed definitions for lateral violence as interpreted within mainstream definitions. Today’s blog is ½ rant and ½ research as we delve into the definitions and legitimization of lateral violence. Let’s talk about the abuses of power and the human casualties that ensue when actors of elected privilege exchange vicious and belittling remarks during most daily Question Period sessions in the House of Commons. Here are a few questions to ponder: Is it not true that we as parents teach our children not to engage name-calling and project ridicule or hostility onto others?

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adminIs it a political debate? …or is it legitimized lateral violence?

The Askii Blog Springs to Life!

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Greetings, Ahni, Boozhoo, Wotziye, Tansi, Waachi’ye and Bonjour!

We would like to welcome all of our new visitors to our new site! Finally….we are Live! Firstly, I hope you love this new website because it took a great deal of work to get this launched.

Before going any further, I must in total appreciation humbly thank Rajneesh at who built this site from the bottom up. This is an amazing website development company and I am still a little bewildered at their intuitiveness and speed. Forget Go Daddy… Go to Rajneesh!

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adminThe Askii Blog Springs to Life!