The Askii Story

Askii Outreach was conceived to bridge distances and build relationships. In 2002, Marc and Angela Bedard were two committed health services providers living in completely separate provinces.  After their first chance encounter, they took action and followed their mutual passion in combining their skills to assist northern remote communities

In 2003, the birth of Askii Outreach as an accommodative response service model came to fruition. Initially, we delivered face to face services to regional First Nations communities within the Manitoulin Island district of Northeastern Ontario. The local outreach service area was hundreds of square miles and communities were vastly spread out. To accommodate the gap in public transportation and office space availability, Marc and Angela built their services around by providing confidential home-based services 7 days per week. By the 2011, the number of clients requesting our home-based mental health service model became truly overwhelming.

Today, there remains a plethora of remote indigenous communities remain in desperate need for accommodative outreach services. Many northern clients simply have no access to vehicles, any public transportation, limited provider services and lack confidential counselling space. Askii Outreach understands the realities with barriers to accessing responsive services. We continue striving to connect resources to you and your home community. To meet that objective, Askii Outreach focuses on delivering community-based training and is utilizing new technology to deliver e-counselling, online training certification and outreach clinical supervision to our northern remote partners. Our goal is to continue providing outreach training, education and clinical support to local counsellors in underserviced communities. Our mission is to share our experience and provide the resources necessary to delivering outreach metal health, addictions and community health services. Askii Outreach remains a committed partner in the northern indigenous First Nations initiatives for self-determination.

Our outreach services are also responding to northern needs – shifting from an individual service delivery model to supporting longer-term First Nations community building through local capacity development. Since 2003, we have been committed to helping First Nations clients and organizations throughout Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Our goal is to train and develop your local team using our clinical skills and outreach experience. Call today and let Askii Outreach show you how we can import much needed resources to empower and enrich your community organization. From the beginning, Askii Outreach was conceived to bridge distances and building dreams! We are just a toll-free telephone call away.

What Makes Us Different

  • Experience

    Marc and Angela possess a combined 50 years of professional clinical experience serving northern First Nations communities. Both have graduate degrees and are licensed in their respective disciplines and are both members of professional colleges across multiple provinces. They understand the North!

  • Cultural Competence

    Marc and Angela are both of indigenous mixed ancestry. Angela speaks fluent Cree whereas Marc speaks fluent French. Both share respective histories and lived experiences of First Nations and Métis people. Marc and Angela have an advanced understanding of First Nations customs, traditions, medicines and values. They have worked within different cultural affiliations such as with the Anishinabek, the Cree, Oji-Cree, Métis and Denesuline.

  • Outreach Driven

    Our mission is to bridge distances by reaching you. We do not offer fixed site local or office-based services. As northern remote providers we make every effort to reach you. We will accommodate the distance according to your circumstances. We have organized several community visits and are always eager to work with your team within your unique environment. For us, it’s all about building relationships!

  • Accredited Training

    Whether it is nursing-based or social work training Askii Outreach offers certificate training which can be submitted as professional development credits. Marc is currently an accredited addictions trainer with the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada and with the Canadian Addictions Counsellors Certification Federation.

  • Customized

    Askii Outreach will always customize your counselling, training, learning and consulting needs to fit your circumstances. Our entire business model is tailored around customized accommodation for northern Aboriginal communities with unique needs. We do not practice an urban office based delivery philosophy. Askii does not deliver “standardized cookie cutter” programs. We craft custom solutions to fit northern needs.

  • Diversified

    We have combined skills that cover a wide spectrum of community expertise such as primary health care, community development, health research, addictions treatment, family therapy and chronic disease management just to list a few. Askii Outreach can respond to an e-counselling referral, a training request or a detailed funding RFP with equal competence and proficiency.

The Services We Offer

Does your organization need health related needs assessment? Maybe you need help writing a funding proposal. Askii Outreach has a solution for you

Askii Outreach is offering e-counselling services as an additional resource for existing clients or for new clients needing confidential counselling supports from a distance.

Ongoing mental health and addictions training is always a requirement in many human services agencies. Askii Outreach offers community based and distance online training.

Educational resources are now available. Subscribe to Askii eLearning courses and benefit from the range of different certificate courses being made available for those seeking life advancement .

Building Relationships

Angela is a seasoned masters level aboriginal nurse practitioner with an unwavering passion for helping people heal. She has been providing nursing leadership across many organizations in both Ontario and Manitoba. In 2014, she accepted an independent nurse practitioner contract in Norway House MB with the J.A.Hildes Northern Medical Unit, Section of First Nations, Métis & Inuit Health..

Marc heralds from Sudbury Ontario and started his longstanding career in rural community-based mental health in 1990. While gaining his experience working with on-reserve First Nations and Francophone populations, he eagerly pursued multiple degrees in the helping field. Marc earned his Bachelor's of Arts in psychology then progressed through the University of Manitoba BSW program.

Part of creating an outreach service model is to keep people informed. The Askii blog is designed to keep a conversation going concerning service issues in northern mental health and addictions.

In addition to our eLearning certificate courses, Askii now offers a variety of different self help products and personal development resources and eBooks to help you grow.

We remain passionate in supporting each individual reclaim their spirit throughout their lifelong journey in cultural recovery.

Let's work together